The safety catch on and the new sedan not only fuel-efficient so simple

ring issan Tiida drive near uncle brick is a very fire sedan,
a large space,
label it worry won a good reputation,
but also the achievements of the Dongfeng production single vehicle sales of one million units of history.
But the car without end car,
also have been dissatisfied with that place,
the old models of configuration is not high,
driving is not strong sense of character by many young buyers sniff at.
what is the change in the new generation of TIIDA? What about the effect? Once as the Tiida owners must have the qualifications to brick uncle talk.
General guidance: pre-sale price of 10-14 million (May 29th listed) engine: 1.
6L naturally aspirated engine transmission: CVT CVT fuel consumption: 5.
0L/100km new TIIDA body size and cash is almost consistent,
length and breadth of 4393*1766*1524 mm,
remains the longest 2700mm wheelbase,
rear legroom reached 681mm,
and 435L is the largest volume of the trunk trunk opening width.
This size allows the new generation of TIIDA t