I went to the house, the restaurant, the rice, the wine, and I didn't want to leave until 2 a.m.

ring  and study in the yard a bit of sunshine,
the afternoon on the opposite side of the bar to the bartender,
midsummer night France Michelin restaurant chef,
a full ten page list also look not to see,
the home to eat into the scenery of the restaurant sat until 2 a.
also dont want to go to enjoy the sunshine the best posture - Windows and the yard with a bit of sunshine the afternoon rush,
did not want to take a lot of windows,
fully accept the sunshine in,
everywhere is a good mood to go to the yard,
it is hidden but beautiful spot! See the green eyeful of shade,
and the water gurgling in the side,
large white sofa cushion a nest can nest day ah ~ so easy! Hes such an environment,
really can keep people,
clap photos,
in a daze,
how good,
just stay here for a while,
stay for a while,
really sit until 2 in the morning do not want to go! Liao Fan,
Xu Fan,
Du Chun heard,
Yang Kun,
Zhang Liang and so on a lot of star baby will come to patronize Oh ~ reminder: Business Hours: morning 11 -