Entertainment said popular female star exchange brokerage team gossip

ring the blue word subscribe to WeChat) WeChat search: yls881 Chen mother is the actors at the national level,
national level of actors is not saying Beijing actor,
each provincial art troupe drama can be titles.
After signing Jiang Mengjie left Li Shaohong is pleased with Zhang Tianai the same day,
Xiao Yang and Wang Taili television contracts from the same company,
Wang Taili frequented near Sanyuanqiao.
Willber Pan has iced drinks.
Jam Hsiao,
Peter Ho,
Li Xiang are always playing basketball together.
Zhao Liying is now with the Huang Xiaoming manager Huang Bin has a working relationship,
but not the relationship between brokers,
from the Huang Bin Huang Xiaoming studio main purpose is to do the film,
Zhao Liying before the executive agent is now responsible for Tony Yang.
Dou Xiao,
who was previously in charge of Wu Yifan,
is now a manager.
With Honglei Sun counterpart,
who mistakes three times he began to get angry or angry curse,
hes obsessive in acting,
especially to treat others,