AngelShow China investors center, together with all the chips to build home angel investor talent show

ring ties of a package of 1,
registration: 2016.
investment projects to raise the public can participate in; the contestants submit the name,
mobile phone number after the submission of information,
coupled with his cousin Buddy - buddy recommending entries (see below Bonus Details): fill the mobile phone number,
the system to promote the link,
WeChat share,
friends registration generate recommended relationship.
Special requirements: Putonghua clear 2,
primary election: May 17 to May 20,
all players in the WeChat group with voice answer (two rounds),
the judges elected the top 7.
official events 2 games: May 24 to May 26th.
the start-up team live roadshow 6 minutes.
Each player and team communicate with each other (through the QQ group,
telephone communication) to make a judgment of the project.
The audience and the judges vote: the audience vote 40%,
60% judges,
decide the top 2 strong.
reward: first place 8888 yuan; second place: 3888; other reward: the first 7,
can ra