After the crash, these graded B are on the verge of lower risk, but these risks and opportunities coexist

ring on: real estate B side,
coal B class 10 grading fund on the verge of folding,
the market downturn has not yet reversed the situation,
it is recommended to stay away from investors close to the breakdown of the classification fund B share.
After May,
two city stock index volatility increased,
quickly face from the first day of the festival of the line of small,
continuous play two big line,
let a person be caught off guard.
This steep trend has made most grades B pale.
Statistics show that,
since May 6th,
nearly 150 grading B fund average decline of 11.
of which 42 grading B,
down more than 15%,
and the largest decline in coal B class cumulative decline of 31.
10 grading fund on the verge of breaking down,
the market continued to fall,
grading fund shake three shakes,
as of May 13th,
the collection of thinking data show that there are 10 grading B fund on the verge of folding.
Among them,
the nearest distance is the real estate B side,
as long as the mother fund fell 5.
27% again,
it wil