520 near three external reasons to tell you that Cai Yingwen must recognize the 92 consensus, contribution

ring perception can subscribe to! With the 520 approach,
compatriots on both sides of the Straits have begun to pay attention to whether Cai Yingwen will recognize the 92 consensus and its core meaning,
the two sides belong to one China,
as the basis for the cross-strait policy of her inaugural speech.
Cai Yingwen and his future office officials and some of the international politics and cross-strait relations Taiwan scholar,
still with a heart to false positives,
even if Cai Yingwen is not in the 520 recognized the 92 consensus and its core value of both sides belong to one China,
also cannot take Taiwan to do so,
and can get more benefits from Taiwan the United States and Japan in support of action.
the recent situation on the island of Taiwan and the external international situation has changed,
these days there are a few news like many readers have not paid attention to,
and ignore the whole world has been favorable for Chinese,
more dont alone Taiwan wants inte