520 near three external reasons to tell you that Cai Yingwen must recognize the 92 consensus, contribution

ring perception can subscribe to! With the 520 approach,
compatriots on both sides of the Straits have begun to pay attention to whether Cai Yingwen will recognize the 92 consensus and its core meaning,
the two sides belong to one China,
as the basis for the cross-strait policy of her inaugural speech.
Cai Yingwen and his future office officials and some of the international politics and cross-strait relations Taiwan scholar,
still with a heart to false positives,
even if Cai Yingwen is not in the 520 recognized the 92 consensus and its core value of both sides belong to one China,
also cannot take Taiwan to do so,
and can get more benefits from Taiwan the United States and Japan in support of action.
the recent situation on the island of Taiwan and the external international situation has changed,
these days there are a few news like many readers have not paid attention to,
and ignore the whole world has been favorable for Chinese,
more dont alone Taiwan wants inte

Entertainment said popular female star exchange brokerage team gossip

ring the blue word subscribe to WeChat) WeChat search: yls881 Chen mother is the actors at the national level,
national level of actors is not saying Beijing actor,
each provincial art troupe drama can be titles.
After signing Jiang Mengjie left Li Shaohong is pleased with Zhang Tianai the same day,
Xiao Yang and Wang Taili television contracts from the same company,
Wang Taili frequented near Sanyuanqiao.
Willber Pan has iced drinks.
Jam Hsiao,
Peter Ho,
Li Xiang are always playing basketball together.
Zhao Liying is now with the Huang Xiaoming manager Huang Bin has a working relationship,
but not the relationship between brokers,
from the Huang Bin Huang Xiaoming studio main purpose is to do the film,
Zhao Liying before the executive agent is now responsible for Tony Yang.
Dou Xiao,
who was previously in charge of Wu Yifan,
is now a manager.
With Honglei Sun counterpart,
who mistakes three times he began to get angry or angry curse,
hes obsessive in acting,
especially to treat others,

Why is China's social network changing so fast?

ring k carefully at the Chinese and American social network development process,
in addition to the so-called Copy to China obvious mark,
we can also find an interesting phenomenon,
compared with their American counterparts,
seems to be very frequent replacement of China social network.
Since the Google of Microsoft step by step,
the Internet has appeared in the Facebook,
Twitter and other social class Internet companies,
which is now the giant company,
almost overnight in front of us.
In February 2004,
Facebook founded by Harvard University students Mark Zuckerberg Youtube,
a year later,
in 2005 2 years by Paypal Chad Hurley,
three former employees of Chen Shijun,
Jawed Karim created a year later,
Twitter released by Odeo in March 21,
ten years have passed,
Twitter three companies are still strong,
and showing a growing vitality,
has become a pillar of the global Internet industry.
Just as the Internet is surging,
social networking changes in Chinas Internet a

The safety catch on and the new sedan not only fuel-efficient so simple

ring issan Tiida drive near uncle brick is a very fire sedan,
a large space,
label it worry won a good reputation,
but also the achievements of the Dongfeng production single vehicle sales of one million units of history.
But the car without end car,
also have been dissatisfied with that place,
the old models of configuration is not high,
driving is not strong sense of character by many young buyers sniff at.
what is the change in the new generation of TIIDA? What about the effect? Once as the Tiida owners must have the qualifications to brick uncle talk.
General guidance: pre-sale price of 10-14 million (May 29th listed) engine: 1.
6L naturally aspirated engine transmission: CVT CVT fuel consumption: 5.
0L/100km new TIIDA body size and cash is almost consistent,
length and breadth of 4393*1766*1524 mm,
remains the longest 2700mm wheelbase,
rear legroom reached 681mm,
and 435L is the largest volume of the trunk trunk opening width.
This size allows the new generation of TIIDA t

AngelShow China investors center, together with all the chips to build home angel investor talent show

ring ties of a package of 1,
registration: 2016.
investment projects to raise the public can participate in; the contestants submit the name,
mobile phone number after the submission of information,
coupled with his cousin Buddy - buddy recommending entries (see below Bonus Details): fill the mobile phone number,
the system to promote the link,
WeChat share,
friends registration generate recommended relationship.
Special requirements: Putonghua clear 2,
primary election: May 17 to May 20,
all players in the WeChat group with voice answer (two rounds),
the judges elected the top 7.
official events 2 games: May 24 to May 26th.
the start-up team live roadshow 6 minutes.
Each player and team communicate with each other (through the QQ group,
telephone communication) to make a judgment of the project.
The audience and the judges vote: the audience vote 40%,
60% judges,
decide the top 2 strong.
reward: first place 8888 yuan; second place: 3888; other reward: the first 7,
can ra

I went to the house, the restaurant, the rice, the wine, and I didn't want to leave until 2 a.m.

ring  and study in the yard a bit of sunshine,
the afternoon on the opposite side of the bar to the bartender,
midsummer night France Michelin restaurant chef,
a full ten page list also look not to see,
the home to eat into the scenery of the restaurant sat until 2 a.
also dont want to go to enjoy the sunshine the best posture - Windows and the yard with a bit of sunshine the afternoon rush,
did not want to take a lot of windows,
fully accept the sunshine in,
everywhere is a good mood to go to the yard,
it is hidden but beautiful spot! See the green eyeful of shade,
and the water gurgling in the side,
large white sofa cushion a nest can nest day ah ~ so easy! Hes such an environment,
really can keep people,
clap photos,
in a daze,
how good,
just stay here for a while,
stay for a while,
really sit until 2 in the morning do not want to go! Liao Fan,
Xu Fan,
Du Chun heard,
Yang Kun,
Zhang Liang and so on a lot of star baby will come to patronize Oh ~ reminder: Business Hours: morning 11 -

After the crash, these graded B are on the verge of lower risk, but these risks and opportunities coexist

ring on: real estate B side,
coal B class 10 grading fund on the verge of folding,
the market downturn has not yet reversed the situation,
it is recommended to stay away from investors close to the breakdown of the classification fund B share.
After May,
two city stock index volatility increased,
quickly face from the first day of the festival of the line of small,
continuous play two big line,
let a person be caught off guard.
This steep trend has made most grades B pale.
Statistics show that,
since May 6th,
nearly 150 grading B fund average decline of 11.
of which 42 grading B,
down more than 15%,
and the largest decline in coal B class cumulative decline of 31.
10 grading fund on the verge of breaking down,
the market continued to fall,
grading fund shake three shakes,
as of May 13th,
the collection of thinking data show that there are 10 grading B fund on the verge of folding.
Among them,
the nearest distance is the real estate B side,
as long as the mother fund fell 5.
27% again,
it wil