The more you do, the more you talk about yourself

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there are two kinds of thing to do as little as possible,
one is his mouth interference of others in life,
two is to rely on others to think of your life.
A life without explanation is a real powerful life.
The most unfortunate life is life in the unhappy memories,
the most unscientific living is living in bad habits,
the ideal life is to live in the past,
most desperate life is buried his ideal.
To travel around the world is to find a way back into your heart.
Some decisions,
we only need a minute,
but it will take a lifetime to regret that minute.
Nostalgia is not because of how good that time was,
but when you were young.
Life is long,
we cant walk every step so perfect,
fall a few times to go a few detours,
this is not a bad thing,
at least let us taste defeat,
add experience,
make our life colorful.
Dont expose a fragile heart,
all learn to bear should bear; dont tell the living awkwardness,
learn to