Kidney deficiency is a big event, in fact, kidney is very simple, so small things will be able to fix

ring eng Gorgon is one of the top grade herbs recorded in the Yellow Emperor,
is a commonly used medicinal and edible herbs.
Because it is like a so called heads,
water ginseng reputation.
The phenomenon of kidney deficiency kidney is not good due to kidney deficiency can lead to fatigue,
dizziness and tinnitus,
poor spirit! Life lies in movement,
not exercise,
the body will soon enter the aging,
the body issued for us aging signal,
more than five,
you have to guard against,
may be out of the kidneys! 1,
wake up early every day,
not long time and sleepy,
go back to sleep,
back to sleep,
go upstairs,
did not go a few floors on the pant.
jump ten minutes of aerobics,
unable to speak.
leg kick backward whether touch her hips? Reached down to touch the ground or the palm of your hand,
walk for 30 minutes? 5 feel very tired? The white hair on the head,
but the morning is that there are a lot of hair on the pillow bald,
closer to you! Number 7,
night ni