Camouflage and both the old us 4 Mia Red Square parade to play around

ring mendations in the WIFI state) in May 9th,
Russias Red Square parade just once a year in the past,
many people have been exhibited in the new Russia big kill to look straight in the eye: S-400 air defense missile system,
new Amata tanks,
Ya Ersi intercontinental ballistic missiles,
Su -35 fighter,
and the debut of the beautiful long legs female (er.
Out of alignment.
the former Soviet Union and now Russia,
has always been the Red Square parade is the latest weapons debut stage,
then the Soviet Union and Russia often use the Red Square parade,
what makes the big move,
the United States to play around? Check the video of the seat block and see the analysis of the seats!! Look back to the former Soviet Union,
T-72 and T-80 Sam tanks and anti-aircraft missiles,
R-5 ballistic missiles,
SS-18 intercontinental missiles and so on are the first public appearance in Red Square,
so every time the Red Square parade has become the western countries understand that the latest Soviet we