0, try to figure out the summer dating dress program

ring nly 2 minutes to finish reading this article.
Make the girl you like.
You can never dress and get dressed.
It needs accumulation of time and appreciation of aesthetics.
Dont be so self assured that you wont be surprised at what you wear.
The best rule of thumb is to look at girls faces when theyre dating.
If a smile like you are wearing the face myself.
now is the summer,
the clothes can be better choice of the upper body.
As long as you pay attention,
can take off from the straight dress group jump.
Ill show you how to dance today.
Shirts do not wear plaid shirts,
that is the campus mouse patent.
Pick a white shirt with a well tailored cut,
or a solid colored shirt,
all OKs.
If you dont know your size,
you should buy a size one.
Then take the tailors shop and spend a dozen dollars on it.
Shorts dont go beyond your knees,
just above your knees.
The best choice of fabric is pure cotton,
comfortable and breathable.
You can go with shirts and polo shirts.
Recommend that you c