15 practical knowledge of iPhone cold do not necessarily know all 90 fruit powder

ring ing or using iPhone? The following is a summary of netizens 15 practical knowledge of iPhone cold,
it is said that the 90% powder dont know all,
at least half of the users may have noticed a look at the rise of knowledge.
buy iPhone 6S or iPhone 6sp,
now no data line adapter,
and in the previous version of the country are sent,
the new small Apple bought are not very sorry?.
black panel iPhone boot screen is black,
and the white panel iPhone boot screen is white.
mobile phone power is low,
there will be prompt tone,
other versions do not have.
Korean version of the camera can not mute,
in order to prevent candid camera,
the most vivid interpretation.
Apple Pay can not use the Internet,
I do not know whether the small apples have been paid with Apple Pay,
fried chicken convenient oh.
iPhones phone record can only save the last 100,
so the small apple is still a bit more diligent,
and important numbers are stored in time.

0, try to figure out the summer dating dress program

ring nly 2 minutes to finish reading this article.
Make the girl you like.
You can never dress and get dressed.
It needs accumulation of time and appreciation of aesthetics.
Dont be so self assured that you wont be surprised at what you wear.
The best rule of thumb is to look at girls faces when theyre dating.
If a smile like you are wearing the face myself.
now is the summer,
the clothes can be better choice of the upper body.
As long as you pay attention,
can take off from the straight dress group jump.
Ill show you how to dance today.
Shirts do not wear plaid shirts,
that is the campus mouse patent.
Pick a white shirt with a well tailored cut,
or a solid colored shirt,
all OKs.
If you dont know your size,
you should buy a size one.
Then take the tailors shop and spend a dozen dollars on it.
Shorts dont go beyond your knees,
just above your knees.
The best choice of fabric is pure cotton,
comfortable and breathable.
You can go with shirts and polo shirts.
Recommend that you c

The more you do, the more you talk about yourself

ring e EMBA = business school the first public number,
free to subscribe to the journal life,
there are two kinds of thing to do as little as possible,
one is his mouth interference of others in life,
two is to rely on others to think of your life.
A life without explanation is a real powerful life.
The most unfortunate life is life in the unhappy memories,
the most unscientific living is living in bad habits,
the ideal life is to live in the past,
most desperate life is buried his ideal.
To travel around the world is to find a way back into your heart.
Some decisions,
we only need a minute,
but it will take a lifetime to regret that minute.
Nostalgia is not because of how good that time was,
but when you were young.
Life is long,
we cant walk every step so perfect,
fall a few times to go a few detours,
this is not a bad thing,
at least let us taste defeat,
add experience,
make our life colorful.
Dont expose a fragile heart,
all learn to bear should bear; dont tell the living awkwardness,
learn to

Camouflage and both the old us 4 Mia Red Square parade to play around

ring mendations in the WIFI state) in May 9th,
Russias Red Square parade just once a year in the past,
many people have been exhibited in the new Russia big kill to look straight in the eye: S-400 air defense missile system,
new Amata tanks,
Ya Ersi intercontinental ballistic missiles,
Su -35 fighter,
and the debut of the beautiful long legs female (er.
Out of alignment.
the former Soviet Union and now Russia,
has always been the Red Square parade is the latest weapons debut stage,
then the Soviet Union and Russia often use the Red Square parade,
what makes the big move,
the United States to play around? Check the video of the seat block and see the analysis of the seats!! Look back to the former Soviet Union,
T-72 and T-80 Sam tanks and anti-aircraft missiles,
R-5 ballistic missiles,
SS-18 intercontinental missiles and so on are the first public appearance in Red Square,
so every time the Red Square parade has become the western countries understand that the latest Soviet we

Kidney deficiency is a big event, in fact, kidney is very simple, so small things will be able to fix

ring eng Gorgon is one of the top grade herbs recorded in the Yellow Emperor,
is a commonly used medicinal and edible herbs.
Because it is like a so called heads,
water ginseng reputation.
The phenomenon of kidney deficiency kidney is not good due to kidney deficiency can lead to fatigue,
dizziness and tinnitus,
poor spirit! Life lies in movement,
not exercise,
the body will soon enter the aging,
the body issued for us aging signal,
more than five,
you have to guard against,
may be out of the kidneys! 1,
wake up early every day,
not long time and sleepy,
go back to sleep,
back to sleep,
go upstairs,
did not go a few floors on the pant.
jump ten minutes of aerobics,
unable to speak.
leg kick backward whether touch her hips? Reached down to touch the ground or the palm of your hand,
walk for 30 minutes? 5 feel very tired? The white hair on the head,
but the morning is that there are a lot of hair on the pillow bald,
closer to you! Number 7,
night ni

Lifeline link to the crisis

ring er,
director Armando Bos the next lifeline Trailer! Was honored with the outstanding actors Olivia Munn and incomparable Joan Chen cooperation.

5000 dollars salary to live. What's the cry after reading:

ring recommend stocks,
diagnostic function on-line ~ click on the gold online public number menu bar,
boutique sinks - stock diagnostics,
you can view the latest stock rating! First you have to have 5000 of the wages you pre tax 5000 yuan! Oh,
first took the endowment 8%=400 yuan 2%=100 yuan 1%=50 yuan,
medical unemployment fund,
8%=400 yuan 400+100+50+400=950 yuan tax threshold,
tax 3500 yuan =16.
5 yuan =5000-950-16.
5=4033 yuan rent,
so the actual hand you dont honor the elderly live too clear,
1000 yuan / month to 500 yuan is also home to run away.
So 4033-1500=2533 basic living expenses: Yuan utilities broadband TV property fee,
200 yuan a month,
has been difficult to come to work ~ ~ ~ 2533-200=2333 yuan taxi,
bus: walk.
Amounting to 2 yuan (around) *22 days (weekends at home) =44 yuan occasionally late to work overtime,
you hit 100 yuan 2333-44-100=2189 yuan: 5 yuan for breakfast lunch dinner: 15 yuan: 15 yuan,
so this is the conscience of the price of 15 yuan,
now really do not know what

The recommendation is so shocking that these micro signals completely subvert my outlook on life

ring  some surprise,
because your emotions become more plump; work need some surprise because of your experiences become more abundant; the greater the need for some surprise,
because you will be more thorough in their world.
Pay attention to the following micro signals.
On the road of self development,
there will always be unexpected surprises waiting for you! Business newspaper ibaochuangye recommend reason: business newspaper,
newspaper business,
micro signal Chinese 50 million entrepreneurs are concerned,
there are entrepreneurs,
entrepreneurial knowledge,
entrepreneurial thinking,
business model,
want to do the nouveau riche want to make a lot of money you must focus on business news.
The up arrow arrow press photo identification two-dimensional code attention up arrow arrow Backpack Travel Photography BackpackTrave recommended reason: life at least two impulses,
one for love is regardless of personal danger,
go to travel.
A journey is not a trip,
nor is it just a vacation.
Travel is a process,