The Zhejiang farmers to many car companies to a corner of the truth behind the amazing today

ring nancial internal control (mofzpy) in 2010,
when Geely boss Li Shufu Tunxiang when the acquisition of Volvo cars,
the world almost all people are waiting to see the joke.
In 2012,
Volvo lost a total of SEK 480 million.
those who watch jokes will be disappointed.
In the first quarter of this year,
Volvos performance is good,
whether or not,
the global sales reached 120 thousand,
an increase of 11.
9% over last year,
2 billion 400 million yuan profit,
profit margin of 7.
The groups net income rose from 3 billion 625 million euros last year to 4 billion 499 million euros,
an increase of 24%.
Is it hard to drive? Last year,
Volvo was three times more profitable last year! Li Shufu Volvo is bought,
can be said to be China enterprises to foreign mergers and acquisitions in the most successful example of the great.
Sales and profits of global car brands are on the decline.
How can Volvo live up to it? There is always the madman nickname Li Shufu,
this seems to have cornered the Glo