The ten characteristics of fashion icon in Yan value Era

ring is it now? Age of value! At this time to do a fashion icon,
in the end to have many qualities is enough? The answer is ten! In addition to the most fashionable fashion,
Xiao Bian also for the value of the era of fashion icon listed 10 conditions,
come to see a few of you.
The first characteristic - high Yan value! In the face value of the age,
beauty is more than beauty,
and what can be left a deep impression? In the same way,
why can the new fashion dazzle ASX become the fashion icon of Yan value era?! See! Face! Whether you understand or not understand the car,
the front face of a car is like a persons face,
in this brush face of the times constitute a peoples first impression.
And new brilliant dazzle ASX,
in this look at the value of the times,
easily out of the tight encirclement.
Second characteristics - warm men,
warm women,
high positions.
If the character is not warm enough,
how to when the central air-conditioning warm the world?.
If your body is not soft enough,
how can y