The Peking man who sells pork is already 50 years old. What is he doing now?

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click the title above the electricity daily attention to our Lu Buxuan,
from the closed rural admitted to the University,
but not in Everything is going smoothly.
when he was 34 years old,
he was forced to hold a pig knife,
with pig meat trading.
In the public yet to accept the Peking University students selling pork concept,
misplaced in the medias vision.
Peking University negative teaching materials,
Lu Buxuan has been in Xian,
Changan District archives compiled 12 years of local chronicles,
has not personally sold pork.
Just pork brother this identity,
since the media exposure in 2003,
he never left him.
Famous for dry pig line was invited back to his alma mater,
Peking University graduates Lu Buxuan speech,
excited mood.
As a offbeat successful entrepreneurs and facing the employment pressure of students to share experiences,
he also had one Peking University Students and lead to social controversy and even criticism.
Lu Buxuan is his alma mater,
the employm