Hot weather, sleep mat, remember to remove mites, mites in addition to this trick is really God

everyone loves sleeping mat.
Mat although cool,
but be careful to sleep out mat disease to come.
Especially in the dark corner of a winter mat placed,
in addition to bring cool,
but also bring some unexpected things.
For example,
sleeping up,
the whole body is red pimple! In fact,
this is caused by mites in the mat.
eating the body's dead skin for a living,
and once the body's sweat so that mat wet,
mites will be a large number of reproduction! How can you remove the mites on the mat,
and make you sleep at ease? Wipe it with a wet towel.
Do it with detergent and soap? Or pesticides? In fact,
these are useless.
Detergent or soap can decontamination,
and can not play the role of pesticides to kill mites,
and there will be used after the residue of mite allergic person is all