Brush blasting five rings tell you the actual fuel consumption of the two engines

ring  lot of talk about hybrid power: there are two kinds of hybrid in the world,
one is TOYOTA,
the other is the other.
All Jun has always been for these words not to say yes or no,
lest too arbitrary.
in the past several TOYOTA hybrids in the driving experience,
the smoothness of the vehicle and the efficiency of fuel economy are impressive indeed.
TOYOTA hybrid system is good,
but subject to the cost caused by higher prices for people to understand this hybrid technology is relatively limited,
so the vehicles in the country has been difficult to popularize.
On the street to see those driving a Prius consumers,
we will often identified and two barrels of oil money.
After all the price is expensive,
even converted into equivalent models in the days after the use cost of oil,
has been more than sufficient,
why bother to buy a high price Prius? The TOYOTA Prius price: 22.
98 million yuan in the leiling / Carola dual engine (hybrid) were changed after the arrival of the bottleneck,