The Zhejiang farmers to many car companies to a corner of the truth behind the amazing today

ring nancial internal control (mofzpy) in 2010,
when Geely boss Li Shufu Tunxiang when the acquisition of Volvo cars,
the world almost all people are waiting to see the joke.
In 2012,
Volvo lost a total of SEK 480 million.
those who watch jokes will be disappointed.
In the first quarter of this year,
Volvos performance is good,
whether or not,
the global sales reached 120 thousand,
an increase of 11.
9% over last year,
2 billion 400 million yuan profit,
profit margin of 7.
The groups net income rose from 3 billion 625 million euros last year to 4 billion 499 million euros,
an increase of 24%.
Is it hard to drive? Last year,
Volvo was three times more profitable last year! Li Shufu Volvo is bought,
can be said to be China enterprises to foreign mergers and acquisitions in the most successful example of the great.
Sales and profits of global car brands are on the decline.
How can Volvo live up to it? There is always the madman nickname Li Shufu,
this seems to have cornered the Glo

The Peking man who sells pork is already 50 years old. What is he doing now?

ring ing content,
click the title above the electricity daily attention to our Lu Buxuan,
from the closed rural admitted to the University,
but not in Everything is going smoothly.
when he was 34 years old,
he was forced to hold a pig knife,
with pig meat trading.
In the public yet to accept the Peking University students selling pork concept,
misplaced in the medias vision.
Peking University negative teaching materials,
Lu Buxuan has been in Xian,
Changan District archives compiled 12 years of local chronicles,
has not personally sold pork.
Just pork brother this identity,
since the media exposure in 2003,
he never left him.
Famous for dry pig line was invited back to his alma mater,
Peking University graduates Lu Buxuan speech,
excited mood.
As a offbeat successful entrepreneurs and facing the employment pressure of students to share experiences,
he also had one Peking University Students and lead to social controversy and even criticism.
Lu Buxuan is his alma mater,
the employm

Brush blasting five rings tell you the actual fuel consumption of the two engines

ring  lot of talk about hybrid power: there are two kinds of hybrid in the world,
one is TOYOTA,
the other is the other.
All Jun has always been for these words not to say yes or no,
lest too arbitrary.
in the past several TOYOTA hybrids in the driving experience,
the smoothness of the vehicle and the efficiency of fuel economy are impressive indeed.
TOYOTA hybrid system is good,
but subject to the cost caused by higher prices for people to understand this hybrid technology is relatively limited,
so the vehicles in the country has been difficult to popularize.
On the street to see those driving a Prius consumers,
we will often identified and two barrels of oil money.
After all the price is expensive,
even converted into equivalent models in the days after the use cost of oil,
has been more than sufficient,
why bother to buy a high price Prius? The TOYOTA Prius price: 22.
98 million yuan in the leiling / Carola dual engine (hybrid) were changed after the arrival of the bottleneck,

Hot weather, sleep mat, remember to remove mites, mites in addition to this trick is really God

everyone loves sleeping mat.
Mat although cool,
but be careful to sleep out mat disease to come.
Especially in the dark corner of a winter mat placed,
in addition to bring cool,
but also bring some unexpected things.
For example,
sleeping up,
the whole body is red pimple! In fact,
this is caused by mites in the mat.
eating the body's dead skin for a living,
and once the body's sweat so that mat wet,
mites will be a large number of reproduction! How can you remove the mites on the mat,
and make you sleep at ease? Wipe it with a wet towel.
Do it with detergent and soap? Or pesticides? In fact,
these are useless.
Detergent or soap can decontamination,
and can not play the role of pesticides to kill mites,
and there will be used after the residue of mite allergic person is all

I've been close for 20 times. I didn't smile. I made the mouth go up

ugly I am not afraid,
I was afraid of death? In addition,
this girl is quite funny,
cosmetic surgery is their own thing,
and did not say forced to marry you as a wife,
what is good to abandon? Several people,
especially those who wear clothes,
stand on the high ground,
accusing others of their proud appearance,
is really uncomfortable.
Ordinary people will only make pleasant choices in natural beauty and artificial beauty,
but how do you choose in natural ugliness and artificial beauty?

The ten characteristics of fashion icon in Yan value Era

ring is it now? Age of value! At this time to do a fashion icon,
in the end to have many qualities is enough? The answer is ten! In addition to the most fashionable fashion,
Xiao Bian also for the value of the era of fashion icon listed 10 conditions,
come to see a few of you.
The first characteristic - high Yan value! In the face value of the age,
beauty is more than beauty,
and what can be left a deep impression? In the same way,
why can the new fashion dazzle ASX become the fashion icon of Yan value era?! See! Face! Whether you understand or not understand the car,
the front face of a car is like a persons face,
in this brush face of the times constitute a peoples first impression.
And new brilliant dazzle ASX,
in this look at the value of the times,
easily out of the tight encirclement.
Second characteristics - warm men,
warm women,
high positions.
If the character is not warm enough,
how to when the central air-conditioning warm the world?.
If your body is not soft enough,
how can y

Wake up (very well written)

ring ch a process of recovery.
The world folds open to us,
this moment blurred face,
the next moment will be clear; this moment can not forgive the people,
the next moment will be forgiven; this moment can not accept the fact that the next moment will become easy to understand.
The mood is simple,
have the mind to manage the life.
Picture: Micorl source: painting culture (TAIZHOUWENHUA) above http://url.
cn/29PmKjI please indicate the source of information publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) Abstract: life is such a process of awakening.
The world folds open to us,
it is never too late,
and has been awakened to the old.
Life is such a process of recovery.
The world folds open to us,
this moment blurred face,
the next moment will be clear; this moment can not forgive the people,
the next moment will be forgiven; this moment can not accept the fact that the next moment will become easy to understand.
in that case,
we are constantly eliminating the narrow,
extreme and one-sided of oursel

The human total statue can not pass, ha ha ha

ring he funny concentration camp to pay attention to me! The human sum does not go beyond the statue.
The last sort of acting burst table

What you should be aware of is subjective and objective in investment

ring res,
we made WeChat search engine,
answer key words to read relevant articles.
Now opened variety series,
financial series,
character series,
trading series,
weekend series.
Quickly reply to directory to get it ~ the rest will be introduced and updated in real time,
please pay attention.
And the source of | futures Alfa works from the perspective of philosophy,
we usually think that from the perspective of personal position judgment is called subjective; and will abandon the personal prejudice,
covering all the relevant data is called objective judgment.
Or directly to the existence of things independent of human consciousness called objective,
and vice versa.
Even if the definition of the former,
and we cant say that it must be the only objective judgment of truth,
because of all the data covers,
how to judge the authoritative comprehensive all relevant data.
On the other hand,
the objective between different subjects is different because of the different times of environmental cultur

She can climax with strangers, but she can't feel like her

ring  climax with strangers,
but the body can not feel for those who love.
she has made a younger sister 30 years younger than her.
In 3,
he was alone to the climax of the human body.
every man has lived in the hearts of mature women.
when she and her boyfriend XXOO can not be happy,
how can she get rid of loneliness? What is your size 6,
we come to enlightenment? 7.
This is definitely an American drama that lets you say you dont have to be honest! 8,
touch the chest,
pro man,
Tony Leung in this movie are doing what! 9,
ten big abstinence movies,
see the legs together! 10.
Did they never want to wear them again? So we come,
I really did not take 11 yeh.
you just fishing boat,
I was a bubble.
no female spy can handsome week son.
this movie,
I cried for the female villain.
he didnt sleep at last,
Daniel Wu.
So we come 16,
black widow took a voice alone can make you the climax of the movie 17,
his face value as handsome as a cosmic level,
but had the worst life! 18,

Say love after TRUELOVE95

ring escended in Song Joong Ki confession technique called Liao sister circles male god,
straight up a wall,
screen before the girls imagine Song Hye Kyo,
heart will burst out.
But is it really good to be so direct? Good! Its never too good to say love boldly! Now,
after 95,
it is well versed in its Tao,
saying love is undoubtedly the most daring and direct,
all can go directly to the descendants of the sun 2! 95 after the people are more outspoken,
there is love bold sun! I love my TA 95,
after the lack of lovers stalls,
every day staged 9 love idol drama at night,
is a matter of minutes.
Feeling a honey,
let others look really tired to go.
But the youth love is such a hot burning,
especially with CASIO TR600 self artifact a Liao,
male female handsome beauty,
not only face value guards,
sweet value is overflowing,
minutes to teach you what is called dog show grace! I love girlfriends,
no lovers can group CP ah,
95 after the most missing is girlfriends,
two similar souls collided,