Xiao Xiao Song Ode to Joy's kindness than Qiu Yingying's terrible stupid 10000 times

China visual magazine the most popular graphic,
click the title below the male blue visual attention in the legend of Virgo will cast the Ode to joy,
has attracted all the people to find fault.
The audience says,
whatever you do,
Virgo can't hide our eyes like Holmes.
The first is to look carefully to really notice the small size 5 US distress goof lift bag in the fan began to plot elder sister feet lens to sweep,
has run at the foot of the door goblins curved black heels photographed feet turn red also has many not Virgo can not bug you start is Dr.
Zhao light blue suit and white shirt + do not know when the tie on eating more bag napkins to private villa Wang Baichuan's clothes off through wear off,
along the way is very busy and no time to meet the singularity appeared inexplicable