Why does everybody bother Qiu Yingying about the importance of emotional value?

hall V recently after the Ode to joy,
is really love my sister and Andy fan,
an emotional intelligence,
an intelligence,
not only beautiful,
but also have a soft inside and with a mind.
without contrast,
there is no harm.
Together with mouth up and everyone on the chug,
Qiu Yingying rejected,
as people first set on Qiu Yingying's Description: from the small city of the ordinary girl (stupid),
simple straightforward (without head),
and hate (specifically pit acquaintances),
acts recklessly (no IQ),
everything is unclear (selfish hypocritical) she often makes himself (and her people) in a predicament.
IQ is not online,
annoying and confused Qiu Yingying is indeed a million people suspected.
as I look at how to become a million people.
Qiu Yingying ~ (PS: zanshin hand s