The German company with a big hole made the fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle realize vertical take-off and landing

micro signal: geekpark UAV Aerolution SONGBIRD in upholding the spirit of the German engineer,
make a industrial or mechanical structure in the reliability and stability of the function beyond the others is the most exciting thing.
For Dr.
Hans-Peter Thamm,
making a drone that flies faster,
longer and more steadily than anyone else is one of those things that has been in his mind for 20 years.
At the geek park's rediscovery of Europe,
we arrived at the drone company Thamm,
founded by Dr.
Hans-Peter Aerolution.
Their SONGBIRD family of UAVs,
which have a fixed wing structure,
can achieve vertical landing as many rotor drones do,
requiring no runway or other ancillary facilities.
The Germans always solve all the problems before his exhausted works out in front of people,
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