Smart as Liu Tao also love the old driver Jin Dong unable to resist sustain the blows

on READ,
the hottest play of the past few days must be Ode to joy! And let the fans fall in love,
is the strength of the old man Tan Tan's understanding of Andy,
concerned about,
and unconditional support! Together with small view of Liu Tao Jin Dong's domineering strong woman also fancy love ~ unable to resist sustain the blows on the last night,
Liu Tao in the sun and micro-blog veteran Jin Dong's photo,
and wrote: Andy and laotan youth.
Liu Tao and Jin Dongkao together,
the camera self timer,
CP sense,
with a face,
there are wood! Netizens baby are excited crazy,
have shouted: good hope that they can together,
together together! The Ode to joy once aired on fire,
overbearing offensive Andy also involved with the community,
these years Liu Tao is what like what,