[recommended reading] don't let your parents become very cautious in front of you

:newsxinhua (Xinhua) author: when Han Lurong wrote this title,
my heart hurts.
This is to force us to admit that the shame owes parents? From the first day of the beginning of birth,
we are taught to care for the young,
so how could do such a thing.
We seem to remember,
when we put the bowl of vegetables carefully pick out,
always heard the same voice as mother lioness's roar at us shouted: teacher did not teach you not picky? You'll get sick if you don't eat green vegetables.
we simply ignore a pleading,
the whole bowl of vegetables in front of us,
such as the general commanded the soldiers said: you do not put these vegetables to eat today,
is not allowed to sleep.
But I do not know when to begin,
style gradually become so.
When we are away,
the parents will not be more than tw