I only ordered a rain. What was the gust 8?

(2) onwards,
the northeast region ushered in the strongest rainfall this year,
originally thought to be scheduled for the arrival of spring rain,
today opened the gift,
was shocked! The wind 5-7,
gust 8 God is sent to the wrong? Can I return it now? Today,
the cold air affected Liaoning,
the Middle East,
the Middle East,
Southeast Heilongjiang and other places there have been heavy rains,
in addition to heavy rainfall,
what else? Please look at the case of Northeast China 5-7 grade wind gust 8,
northern Bohai sea,
the Bohai Strait,
north of the Yellow Sea central area 9,
10 ~ 11 gust winds you think you in the wind is shen'er sauce,
sauce is shen'er! Girl is not in our own day,
thank you! Originally a soaking rain to relieve drought is excellent but the way you have to be careful wi