How did you deal with Chu girls a long time ago?

ption number this to self hold small Gang: Code (luanma4),
men with not something to go there to see it,
it is a male hormone bursting subscription number.
(scan code can be directly used to have concern) although the Confucian ethics,
women have to comply with the constraints and so on,
the three obediences and the four virtues classe.
But in the occult is a lot,
especially ever-young,
Yin Yang recipe,
there is no use I do not know,
but the most important medicine introduction of these remedies must be Chu female.
Recipe: jujube jujube Yin Yin (also called global jujube) than boiling water,
soak the jujube,
it has a unique production process: the woman before bed dried enucleated red dates into the small garden,
the second day morning to date out,
this date has becom