Do you remember the sweet nothings that used to be intoxicating?

the man is passive or active to say a few words of love,
of course,
will say,
because the woman around her likes to hear.
when young,
never pay enough money,
the house is big enough,
the car is high enough,
the children are excellent,
not good.
In those days when love was full,
love was pure.
Do you still remember? But now,
the secular,
we always use secular standards to measure our life,
how long has not said I love you? Even if you are in the vast crowd,
but when the first time I met you,
you know,
you are my life only,
this is doomed fate,
since then,
to be entangled together with you.
One day apart seems like three years,
at that time,
there is always a variety of endless love,
with various phone.
Even if you just split up,
you want to hear your voice.
Our l