At the end of 132 A Fox town Premiership AFC Champions League on Gangtou had Hengda out badly

ty writing grassroots inspirational remember,
132 year-end dream,
champion win most,
lose the least,
this is enough.
When the Spurs in the good situation of two ball leading Standford bridge,
was eventually defending champion Chelsea team 2-2 draw at Old Trafford on Sunday after the same harvest draw in Leicester City,
waiting for the day,
finally got ahead of two locked for 132 years in the history of the club's first league title! In recognition of the most competitive,
the most difficult to play in the Premier League,
wrote a fox belongs to its own grassroots inspirational notes.
AFC Champions League Han Feng Ba two balls bench on the Hong Kong 0-3 negative Suwon top promotion Beijing time on 18 May 3rd 2016,
AFC Champions League G group at the end of the round,
the Suwon Samsung 3-0