A problem that has plagued for years: Joy is the electric iron horse?

ll Joy since 2013 to meet with you to become a big Jingdong Logo,
has been widely praised .
And in these praise,
in fact,
the most is in the guess small Joy in the end is what breed?.
The main directions are as follows: (Joy cries out in the toilet,
and East emphasizes: before you look at the contents below,
please remember that the dog is really a dog.
! (O / 1.
) on at /~~) electric iron,
streamlined shape,
cool color,
metal flat forehead,
upside down very much in line with the grip shape.
If the head can steam out,
probably really can achieve the function of ironing clothes,
Joy students,
you can.
toilet lid,
have you ever tried to imagine your toilet lid painted with eyes and mouth? Yes,
that's probably the case: 3.
the super alloy dog from the universe,
this can