A new generation of lacrosse and Zhou Guoping economic group master Pai thought what we know the world

rd philosophy seems to be synonymous with difficult,
difficult and daunting.
But I believe that everyone has thought about the ultimate proposition of philosophy,
that is,
the famous security three questions - who are you? Where are you from? What do you want? How do we think about yourself,
how to know the world,
and how to spend our life -- these propositions are philosophers for thousands of years of repeated discussions,
is also home to focus on the interpretation of Buddhism,
is real life can not be avoided.
This thought to invite Zhou Guoping and Ji Pai group master,
Zen philosopher and collision by way of unique,
help us from the height of philosophy and Buddhism do observation and thinking deep inside a.
In May 8th 14:00 Zhou Guoping,
economic group master came to the idea of int