18 places prohibited by the age of 18

has its own precipitation of heart,
not everyone can easily read.
Some places do not belong to the 18 year old before walking.
The vicissitudes of life,
those lonely,
those silent,
those tracks,
those love,
those sunshine.
For young hearts,
you can dream,
you can dream,
you can expect,
you can make an appointment,
but some places should not be disturbed before the age of 18.
Lijiang meets a guitar boy and a past,
where you just want to be in a daze,
lie down,
life becomes idle and unreal,
and forget what time and space you're in.
If you are not mature enough to get lost,
you may as well leave this passage of time to your adult self.
The romance of Yangshuo has nothing to do with youth.
Yangshuo was once called the capital of love.
the affair is not a form,