520 near three external reasons to tell you that Cai Yingwen must recognize the 92 consensus, contribution

ring perception can subscribe to! With the 520 approach,
compatriots on both sides of the Straits have begun to pay attention to whether Cai Yingwen will recognize the 92 consensus and its core meaning,
the two sides belong to one China,
as the basis for the cross-strait policy of her inaugural speech.
Cai Yingwen and his future office officials and some of the international politics and cross-strait relations Taiwan scholar,
still with a heart to false positives,
even if Cai Yingwen is not in the 520 recognized the 92 consensus and its core value of both sides belong to one China,
also cannot take Taiwan to do so,
and can get more benefits from Taiwan the United States and Japan in support of action.
the recent situation on the island of Taiwan and the external international situation has changed,
these days there are a few news like many readers have not paid attention to,
and ignore the whole world has been favorable for Chinese,
more dont alone Taiwan wants inte

Entertainment said popular female star exchange brokerage team gossip

ring the blue word subscribe to WeChat) WeChat search: yls881 Chen mother is the actors at the national level,
national level of actors is not saying Beijing actor,
each provincial art troupe drama can be titles.
After signing Jiang Mengjie left Li Shaohong is pleased with Zhang Tianai the same day,
Xiao Yang and Wang Taili television contracts from the same company,
Wang Taili frequented near Sanyuanqiao.
Willber Pan has iced drinks.
Jam Hsiao,
Peter Ho,
Li Xiang are always playing basketball together.
Zhao Liying is now with the Huang Xiaoming manager Huang Bin has a working relationship,
but not the relationship between brokers,
from the Huang Bin Huang Xiaoming studio main purpose is to do the film,
Zhao Liying before the executive agent is now responsible for Tony Yang.
Dou Xiao,
who was previously in charge of Wu Yifan,
is now a manager.
With Honglei Sun counterpart,
who mistakes three times he began to get angry or angry curse,
hes obsessive in acting,
especially to treat others,

Why is China's social network changing so fast?

ring k carefully at the Chinese and American social network development process,
in addition to the so-called Copy to China obvious mark,
we can also find an interesting phenomenon,
compared with their American counterparts,
seems to be very frequent replacement of China social network.
Since the Google of Microsoft step by step,
the Internet has appeared in the Facebook,
Twitter and other social class Internet companies,
which is now the giant company,
almost overnight in front of us.
In February 2004,
Facebook founded by Harvard University students Mark Zuckerberg Youtube,
a year later,
in 2005 2 years by Paypal Chad Hurley,
three former employees of Chen Shijun,
Jawed Karim created a year later,
Twitter released by Odeo in March 21,
ten years have passed,
Twitter three companies are still strong,
and showing a growing vitality,
has become a pillar of the global Internet industry.
Just as the Internet is surging,
social networking changes in Chinas Internet a

The safety catch on and the new sedan not only fuel-efficient so simple

ring issan Tiida drive near uncle brick is a very fire sedan,
a large space,
label it worry won a good reputation,
but also the achievements of the Dongfeng production single vehicle sales of one million units of history.
But the car without end car,
also have been dissatisfied with that place,
the old models of configuration is not high,
driving is not strong sense of character by many young buyers sniff at.
what is the change in the new generation of TIIDA? What about the effect? Once as the Tiida owners must have the qualifications to brick uncle talk.
General guidance: pre-sale price of 10-14 million (May 29th listed) engine: 1.
6L naturally aspirated engine transmission: CVT CVT fuel consumption: 5.
0L/100km new TIIDA body size and cash is almost consistent,
length and breadth of 4393*1766*1524 mm,
remains the longest 2700mm wheelbase,
rear legroom reached 681mm,
and 435L is the largest volume of the trunk trunk opening width.
This size allows the new generation of TIIDA t

AngelShow China investors center, together with all the chips to build home angel investor talent show

ring ties of a package of 1,
registration: 2016.
investment projects to raise the public can participate in; the contestants submit the name,
mobile phone number after the submission of information,
coupled with his cousin Buddy - buddy recommending entries (see below Bonus Details): fill the mobile phone number,
the system to promote the link,
WeChat share,
friends registration generate recommended relationship.
Special requirements: Putonghua clear 2,
primary election: May 17 to May 20,
all players in the WeChat group with voice answer (two rounds),
the judges elected the top 7.
official events 2 games: May 24 to May 26th.
the start-up team live roadshow 6 minutes.
Each player and team communicate with each other (through the QQ group,
telephone communication) to make a judgment of the project.
The audience and the judges vote: the audience vote 40%,
60% judges,
decide the top 2 strong.
reward: first place 8888 yuan; second place: 3888; other reward: the first 7,
can ra

I went to the house, the restaurant, the rice, the wine, and I didn't want to leave until 2 a.m.

ring  and study in the yard a bit of sunshine,
the afternoon on the opposite side of the bar to the bartender,
midsummer night France Michelin restaurant chef,
a full ten page list also look not to see,
the home to eat into the scenery of the restaurant sat until 2 a.
also dont want to go to enjoy the sunshine the best posture - Windows and the yard with a bit of sunshine the afternoon rush,
did not want to take a lot of windows,
fully accept the sunshine in,
everywhere is a good mood to go to the yard,
it is hidden but beautiful spot! See the green eyeful of shade,
and the water gurgling in the side,
large white sofa cushion a nest can nest day ah ~ so easy! Hes such an environment,
really can keep people,
clap photos,
in a daze,
how good,
just stay here for a while,
stay for a while,
really sit until 2 in the morning do not want to go! Liao Fan,
Xu Fan,
Du Chun heard,
Yang Kun,
Zhang Liang and so on a lot of star baby will come to patronize Oh ~ reminder: Business Hours: morning 11 -

After the crash, these graded B are on the verge of lower risk, but these risks and opportunities coexist

ring on: real estate B side,
coal B class 10 grading fund on the verge of folding,
the market downturn has not yet reversed the situation,
it is recommended to stay away from investors close to the breakdown of the classification fund B share.
After May,
two city stock index volatility increased,
quickly face from the first day of the festival of the line of small,
continuous play two big line,
let a person be caught off guard.
This steep trend has made most grades B pale.
Statistics show that,
since May 6th,
nearly 150 grading B fund average decline of 11.
of which 42 grading B,
down more than 15%,
and the largest decline in coal B class cumulative decline of 31.
10 grading fund on the verge of breaking down,
the market continued to fall,
grading fund shake three shakes,
as of May 13th,
the collection of thinking data show that there are 10 grading B fund on the verge of folding.
Among them,
the nearest distance is the real estate B side,
as long as the mother fund fell 5.
27% again,
it wil

15 practical knowledge of iPhone cold do not necessarily know all 90 fruit powder

ring ing or using iPhone? The following is a summary of netizens 15 practical knowledge of iPhone cold,
it is said that the 90% powder dont know all,
at least half of the users may have noticed a look at the rise of knowledge.
buy iPhone 6S or iPhone 6sp,
now no data line adapter,
and in the previous version of the country are sent,
the new small Apple bought are not very sorry?.
black panel iPhone boot screen is black,
and the white panel iPhone boot screen is white.
mobile phone power is low,
there will be prompt tone,
other versions do not have.
Korean version of the camera can not mute,
in order to prevent candid camera,
the most vivid interpretation.
Apple Pay can not use the Internet,
I do not know whether the small apples have been paid with Apple Pay,
fried chicken convenient oh.
iPhones phone record can only save the last 100,
so the small apple is still a bit more diligent,
and important numbers are stored in time.

0, try to figure out the summer dating dress program

ring nly 2 minutes to finish reading this article.
Make the girl you like.
You can never dress and get dressed.
It needs accumulation of time and appreciation of aesthetics.
Dont be so self assured that you wont be surprised at what you wear.
The best rule of thumb is to look at girls faces when theyre dating.
If a smile like you are wearing the face myself.
now is the summer,
the clothes can be better choice of the upper body.
As long as you pay attention,
can take off from the straight dress group jump.
Ill show you how to dance today.
Shirts do not wear plaid shirts,
that is the campus mouse patent.
Pick a white shirt with a well tailored cut,
or a solid colored shirt,
all OKs.
If you dont know your size,
you should buy a size one.
Then take the tailors shop and spend a dozen dollars on it.
Shorts dont go beyond your knees,
just above your knees.
The best choice of fabric is pure cotton,
comfortable and breathable.
You can go with shirts and polo shirts.
Recommend that you c

The more you do, the more you talk about yourself

ring e EMBA = business school the first public number,
free to subscribe to the journal life,
there are two kinds of thing to do as little as possible,
one is his mouth interference of others in life,
two is to rely on others to think of your life.
A life without explanation is a real powerful life.
The most unfortunate life is life in the unhappy memories,
the most unscientific living is living in bad habits,
the ideal life is to live in the past,
most desperate life is buried his ideal.
To travel around the world is to find a way back into your heart.
Some decisions,
we only need a minute,
but it will take a lifetime to regret that minute.
Nostalgia is not because of how good that time was,
but when you were young.
Life is long,
we cant walk every step so perfect,
fall a few times to go a few detours,
this is not a bad thing,
at least let us taste defeat,
add experience,
make our life colorful.
Dont expose a fragile heart,
all learn to bear should bear; dont tell the living awkwardness,
learn to

Camouflage and both the old us 4 Mia Red Square parade to play around

ring mendations in the WIFI state) in May 9th,
Russias Red Square parade just once a year in the past,
many people have been exhibited in the new Russia big kill to look straight in the eye: S-400 air defense missile system,
new Amata tanks,
Ya Ersi intercontinental ballistic missiles,
Su -35 fighter,
and the debut of the beautiful long legs female (er.
Out of alignment.
the former Soviet Union and now Russia,
has always been the Red Square parade is the latest weapons debut stage,
then the Soviet Union and Russia often use the Red Square parade,
what makes the big move,
the United States to play around? Check the video of the seat block and see the analysis of the seats!! Look back to the former Soviet Union,
T-72 and T-80 Sam tanks and anti-aircraft missiles,
R-5 ballistic missiles,
SS-18 intercontinental missiles and so on are the first public appearance in Red Square,
so every time the Red Square parade has become the western countries understand that the latest Soviet we

Kidney deficiency is a big event, in fact, kidney is very simple, so small things will be able to fix

ring eng Gorgon is one of the top grade herbs recorded in the Yellow Emperor,
is a commonly used medicinal and edible herbs.
Because it is like a so called heads,
water ginseng reputation.
The phenomenon of kidney deficiency kidney is not good due to kidney deficiency can lead to fatigue,
dizziness and tinnitus,
poor spirit! Life lies in movement,
not exercise,
the body will soon enter the aging,
the body issued for us aging signal,
more than five,
you have to guard against,
may be out of the kidneys! 1,
wake up early every day,
not long time and sleepy,
go back to sleep,
back to sleep,
go upstairs,
did not go a few floors on the pant.
jump ten minutes of aerobics,
unable to speak.
leg kick backward whether touch her hips? Reached down to touch the ground or the palm of your hand,
walk for 30 minutes? 5 feel very tired? The white hair on the head,
but the morning is that there are a lot of hair on the pillow bald,
closer to you! Number 7,
night ni

Lifeline link to the crisis

ring er,
director Armando Bos the next lifeline Trailer! Was honored with the outstanding actors Olivia Munn and incomparable Joan Chen cooperation.

5000 dollars salary to live. What's the cry after reading:

ring recommend stocks,
diagnostic function on-line ~ click on the gold online public number menu bar,
boutique sinks - stock diagnostics,
you can view the latest stock rating! First you have to have 5000 of the wages you pre tax 5000 yuan! Oh,
first took the endowment 8%=400 yuan 2%=100 yuan 1%=50 yuan,
medical unemployment fund,
8%=400 yuan 400+100+50+400=950 yuan tax threshold,
tax 3500 yuan =16.
5 yuan =5000-950-16.
5=4033 yuan rent,
so the actual hand you dont honor the elderly live too clear,
1000 yuan / month to 500 yuan is also home to run away.
So 4033-1500=2533 basic living expenses: Yuan utilities broadband TV property fee,
200 yuan a month,
has been difficult to come to work ~ ~ ~ 2533-200=2333 yuan taxi,
bus: walk.
Amounting to 2 yuan (around) *22 days (weekends at home) =44 yuan occasionally late to work overtime,
you hit 100 yuan 2333-44-100=2189 yuan: 5 yuan for breakfast lunch dinner: 15 yuan: 15 yuan,
so this is the conscience of the price of 15 yuan,
now really do not know what

The recommendation is so shocking that these micro signals completely subvert my outlook on life

ring  some surprise,
because your emotions become more plump; work need some surprise because of your experiences become more abundant; the greater the need for some surprise,
because you will be more thorough in their world.
Pay attention to the following micro signals.
On the road of self development,
there will always be unexpected surprises waiting for you! Business newspaper ibaochuangye recommend reason: business newspaper,
newspaper business,
micro signal Chinese 50 million entrepreneurs are concerned,
there are entrepreneurs,
entrepreneurial knowledge,
entrepreneurial thinking,
business model,
want to do the nouveau riche want to make a lot of money you must focus on business news.
The up arrow arrow press photo identification two-dimensional code attention up arrow arrow Backpack Travel Photography BackpackTrave recommended reason: life at least two impulses,
one for love is regardless of personal danger,
go to travel.
A journey is not a trip,
nor is it just a vacation.
Travel is a process,

The Zhejiang farmers to many car companies to a corner of the truth behind the amazing today

ring nancial internal control (mofzpy) in 2010,
when Geely boss Li Shufu Tunxiang when the acquisition of Volvo cars,
the world almost all people are waiting to see the joke.
In 2012,
Volvo lost a total of SEK 480 million.
those who watch jokes will be disappointed.
In the first quarter of this year,
Volvos performance is good,
whether or not,
the global sales reached 120 thousand,
an increase of 11.
9% over last year,
2 billion 400 million yuan profit,
profit margin of 7.
The groups net income rose from 3 billion 625 million euros last year to 4 billion 499 million euros,
an increase of 24%.
Is it hard to drive? Last year,
Volvo was three times more profitable last year! Li Shufu Volvo is bought,
can be said to be China enterprises to foreign mergers and acquisitions in the most successful example of the great.
Sales and profits of global car brands are on the decline.
How can Volvo live up to it? There is always the madman nickname Li Shufu,
this seems to have cornered the Glo

The Peking man who sells pork is already 50 years old. What is he doing now?

ring ing content,
click the title above the electricity daily attention to our Lu Buxuan,
from the closed rural admitted to the University,
but not in Everything is going smoothly.
when he was 34 years old,
he was forced to hold a pig knife,
with pig meat trading.
In the public yet to accept the Peking University students selling pork concept,
misplaced in the medias vision.
Peking University negative teaching materials,
Lu Buxuan has been in Xian,
Changan District archives compiled 12 years of local chronicles,
has not personally sold pork.
Just pork brother this identity,
since the media exposure in 2003,
he never left him.
Famous for dry pig line was invited back to his alma mater,
Peking University graduates Lu Buxuan speech,
excited mood.
As a offbeat successful entrepreneurs and facing the employment pressure of students to share experiences,
he also had one Peking University Students and lead to social controversy and even criticism.
Lu Buxuan is his alma mater,
the employm

Brush blasting five rings tell you the actual fuel consumption of the two engines

ring  lot of talk about hybrid power: there are two kinds of hybrid in the world,
one is TOYOTA,
the other is the other.
All Jun has always been for these words not to say yes or no,
lest too arbitrary.
in the past several TOYOTA hybrids in the driving experience,
the smoothness of the vehicle and the efficiency of fuel economy are impressive indeed.
TOYOTA hybrid system is good,
but subject to the cost caused by higher prices for people to understand this hybrid technology is relatively limited,
so the vehicles in the country has been difficult to popularize.
On the street to see those driving a Prius consumers,
we will often identified and two barrels of oil money.
After all the price is expensive,
even converted into equivalent models in the days after the use cost of oil,
has been more than sufficient,
why bother to buy a high price Prius? The TOYOTA Prius price: 22.
98 million yuan in the leiling / Carola dual engine (hybrid) were changed after the arrival of the bottleneck,

Hot weather, sleep mat, remember to remove mites, mites in addition to this trick is really God

everyone loves sleeping mat.
Mat although cool,
but be careful to sleep out mat disease to come.
Especially in the dark corner of a winter mat placed,
in addition to bring cool,
but also bring some unexpected things.
For example,
sleeping up,
the whole body is red pimple! In fact,
this is caused by mites in the mat.
eating the body's dead skin for a living,
and once the body's sweat so that mat wet,
mites will be a large number of reproduction! How can you remove the mites on the mat,
and make you sleep at ease? Wipe it with a wet towel.
Do it with detergent and soap? Or pesticides? In fact,
these are useless.
Detergent or soap can decontamination,
and can not play the role of pesticides to kill mites,
and there will be used after the residue of mite allergic person is all

I've been close for 20 times. I didn't smile. I made the mouth go up

ugly I am not afraid,
I was afraid of death? In addition,
this girl is quite funny,
cosmetic surgery is their own thing,
and did not say forced to marry you as a wife,
what is good to abandon? Several people,
especially those who wear clothes,
stand on the high ground,
accusing others of their proud appearance,
is really uncomfortable.
Ordinary people will only make pleasant choices in natural beauty and artificial beauty,
but how do you choose in natural ugliness and artificial beauty?

The ten characteristics of fashion icon in Yan value Era

ring is it now? Age of value! At this time to do a fashion icon,
in the end to have many qualities is enough? The answer is ten! In addition to the most fashionable fashion,
Xiao Bian also for the value of the era of fashion icon listed 10 conditions,
come to see a few of you.
The first characteristic - high Yan value! In the face value of the age,
beauty is more than beauty,
and what can be left a deep impression? In the same way,
why can the new fashion dazzle ASX become the fashion icon of Yan value era?! See! Face! Whether you understand or not understand the car,
the front face of a car is like a persons face,
in this brush face of the times constitute a peoples first impression.
And new brilliant dazzle ASX,
in this look at the value of the times,
easily out of the tight encirclement.
Second characteristics - warm men,
warm women,
high positions.
If the character is not warm enough,
how to when the central air-conditioning warm the world?.
If your body is not soft enough,
how can y

Wake up (very well written)

ring ch a process of recovery.
The world folds open to us,
this moment blurred face,
the next moment will be clear; this moment can not forgive the people,
the next moment will be forgiven; this moment can not accept the fact that the next moment will become easy to understand.
The mood is simple,
have the mind to manage the life.
Picture: Micorl source: painting culture (TAIZHOUWENHUA) above http://url.
cn/29PmKjI please indicate the source of information publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) Abstract: life is such a process of awakening.
The world folds open to us,
it is never too late,
and has been awakened to the old.
Life is such a process of recovery.
The world folds open to us,
this moment blurred face,
the next moment will be clear; this moment can not forgive the people,
the next moment will be forgiven; this moment can not accept the fact that the next moment will become easy to understand.
in that case,
we are constantly eliminating the narrow,
extreme and one-sided of oursel

The human total statue can not pass, ha ha ha

ring he funny concentration camp to pay attention to me! The human sum does not go beyond the statue.
The last sort of acting burst table

What you should be aware of is subjective and objective in investment

ring res,
we made WeChat search engine,
answer key words to read relevant articles.
Now opened variety series,
financial series,
character series,
trading series,
weekend series.
Quickly reply to directory to get it ~ the rest will be introduced and updated in real time,
please pay attention.
And the source of | futures Alfa works from the perspective of philosophy,
we usually think that from the perspective of personal position judgment is called subjective; and will abandon the personal prejudice,
covering all the relevant data is called objective judgment.
Or directly to the existence of things independent of human consciousness called objective,
and vice versa.
Even if the definition of the former,
and we cant say that it must be the only objective judgment of truth,
because of all the data covers,
how to judge the authoritative comprehensive all relevant data.
On the other hand,
the objective between different subjects is different because of the different times of environmental cultur

She can climax with strangers, but she can't feel like her

ring  climax with strangers,
but the body can not feel for those who love.
she has made a younger sister 30 years younger than her.
In 3,
he was alone to the climax of the human body.
every man has lived in the hearts of mature women.
when she and her boyfriend XXOO can not be happy,
how can she get rid of loneliness? What is your size 6,
we come to enlightenment? 7.
This is definitely an American drama that lets you say you dont have to be honest! 8,
touch the chest,
pro man,
Tony Leung in this movie are doing what! 9,
ten big abstinence movies,
see the legs together! 10.
Did they never want to wear them again? So we come,
I really did not take 11 yeh.
you just fishing boat,
I was a bubble.
no female spy can handsome week son.
this movie,
I cried for the female villain.
he didnt sleep at last,
Daniel Wu.
So we come 16,
black widow took a voice alone can make you the climax of the movie 17,
his face value as handsome as a cosmic level,
but had the worst life! 18,

Say love after TRUELOVE95

ring escended in Song Joong Ki confession technique called Liao sister circles male god,
straight up a wall,
screen before the girls imagine Song Hye Kyo,
heart will burst out.
But is it really good to be so direct? Good! Its never too good to say love boldly! Now,
after 95,
it is well versed in its Tao,
saying love is undoubtedly the most daring and direct,
all can go directly to the descendants of the sun 2! 95 after the people are more outspoken,
there is love bold sun! I love my TA 95,
after the lack of lovers stalls,
every day staged 9 love idol drama at night,
is a matter of minutes.
Feeling a honey,
let others look really tired to go.
But the youth love is such a hot burning,
especially with CASIO TR600 self artifact a Liao,
male female handsome beauty,
not only face value guards,
sweet value is overflowing,
minutes to teach you what is called dog show grace! I love girlfriends,
no lovers can group CP ah,
95 after the most missing is girlfriends,
two similar souls collided,

Smart as Liu Tao also love the old driver Jin Dong unable to resist sustain the blows

on READ,
the hottest play of the past few days must be Ode to joy! And let the fans fall in love,
is the strength of the old man Tan Tan's understanding of Andy,
concerned about,
and unconditional support! Together with small view of Liu Tao Jin Dong's domineering strong woman also fancy love ~ unable to resist sustain the blows on the last night,
Liu Tao in the sun and micro-blog veteran Jin Dong's photo,
and wrote: Andy and laotan youth.
Liu Tao and Jin Dongkao together,
the camera self timer,
CP sense,
with a face,
there are wood! Netizens baby are excited crazy,
have shouted: good hope that they can together,
together together! The Ode to joy once aired on fire,
overbearing offensive Andy also involved with the community,
these years Liu Tao is what like what,

The German company with a big hole made the fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle realize vertical take-off and landing

micro signal: geekpark UAV Aerolution SONGBIRD in upholding the spirit of the German engineer,
make a industrial or mechanical structure in the reliability and stability of the function beyond the others is the most exciting thing.
For Dr.
Hans-Peter Thamm,
making a drone that flies faster,
longer and more steadily than anyone else is one of those things that has been in his mind for 20 years.
At the geek park's rediscovery of Europe,
we arrived at the drone company Thamm,
founded by Dr.
Hans-Peter Aerolution.
Their SONGBIRD family of UAVs,
which have a fixed wing structure,
can achieve vertical landing as many rotor drones do,
requiring no runway or other ancillary facilities.
The Germans always solve all the problems before his exhausted works out in front of people,
the structure of st

At the end of 132 A Fox town Premiership AFC Champions League on Gangtou had Hengda out badly

ty writing grassroots inspirational remember,
132 year-end dream,
champion win most,
lose the least,
this is enough.
When the Spurs in the good situation of two ball leading Standford bridge,
was eventually defending champion Chelsea team 2-2 draw at Old Trafford on Sunday after the same harvest draw in Leicester City,
waiting for the day,
finally got ahead of two locked for 132 years in the history of the club's first league title! In recognition of the most competitive,
the most difficult to play in the Premier League,
wrote a fox belongs to its own grassroots inspirational notes.
AFC Champions League Han Feng Ba two balls bench on the Hong Kong 0-3 negative Suwon top promotion Beijing time on 18 May 3rd 2016,
AFC Champions League G group at the end of the round,
the Suwon Samsung 3-0


girl star,
although there is no lower chest is leg guards figure,
but this did not hinder them has high clothes Q! Recently,
a street is the color of the little female star with sister think I should let girls and to share,
that is Julia Roberts and aunt as a big mouth logo Hollywood actress Emma Roberts.
The eight year old has not only acting debut as she did not have to say,
also dress a faction,
although the height is only 157cm,
but she exudes retro beauty temperament and good clothing products both red carpet or shoot magazine are people very good to hear or see.
Not only that,
in daily wear,
Emma also know how to use some skills to perfect the proportion of the body,
is a very useful icon,
with sister learning to learn to wear these,
take care of the machine! See how Emma cast to

[homemade] old cowboy

ID:v_movier is a new series of small life for a quarter of an hour.
In addition to skin care products,
we can do some other interesting handwork together.
Different little days,
funny thoughts.
Creation - small days,
updated every Tuesday and Saturday.
cut a leg pants,
flip suture.
The ends of the sharp seam flat,
flip open.
Cut pocket sewn on cardboard,
rolled up into,
as support.
2 mobile phone charging pocket bags will be cut,
the above set aside a half cut the rope,
twine collocation device.
3 craftsman aprons cut off the entire trouser leg and cut the hard edge of the side.
Align along the seam of the trouser legs and trim neatly along the dotted line.
Handle the edges of the burrs,
cut out the edges continuously,
and clean the threads.
The hard edge stitching seam pocket

Why does everybody bother Qiu Yingying about the importance of emotional value?

hall V recently after the Ode to joy,
is really love my sister and Andy fan,
an emotional intelligence,
an intelligence,
not only beautiful,
but also have a soft inside and with a mind.
without contrast,
there is no harm.
Together with mouth up and everyone on the chug,
Qiu Yingying rejected,
as people first set on Qiu Yingying's Description: from the small city of the ordinary girl (stupid),
simple straightforward (without head),
and hate (specifically pit acquaintances),
acts recklessly (no IQ),
everything is unclear (selfish hypocritical) she often makes himself (and her people) in a predicament.
IQ is not online,
annoying and confused Qiu Yingying is indeed a million people suspected.
as I look at how to become a million people.
Qiu Yingying ~ (PS: zanshin hand s

18 places prohibited by the age of 18

has its own precipitation of heart,
not everyone can easily read.
Some places do not belong to the 18 year old before walking.
The vicissitudes of life,
those lonely,
those silent,
those tracks,
those love,
those sunshine.
For young hearts,
you can dream,
you can dream,
you can expect,
you can make an appointment,
but some places should not be disturbed before the age of 18.
Lijiang meets a guitar boy and a past,
where you just want to be in a daze,
lie down,
life becomes idle and unreal,
and forget what time and space you're in.
If you are not mature enough to get lost,
you may as well leave this passage of time to your adult self.
The romance of Yangshuo has nothing to do with youth.
Yangshuo was once called the capital of love.
the affair is not a form,

A problem that has plagued for years: Joy is the electric iron horse?

ll Joy since 2013 to meet with you to become a big Jingdong Logo,
has been widely praised .
And in these praise,
in fact,
the most is in the guess small Joy in the end is what breed?.
The main directions are as follows: (Joy cries out in the toilet,
and East emphasizes: before you look at the contents below,
please remember that the dog is really a dog.
! (O / 1.
) on at /~~) electric iron,
streamlined shape,
cool color,
metal flat forehead,
upside down very much in line with the grip shape.
If the head can steam out,
probably really can achieve the function of ironing clothes,
Joy students,
you can.
toilet lid,
have you ever tried to imagine your toilet lid painted with eyes and mouth? Yes,
that's probably the case: 3.
the super alloy dog from the universe,
this can

[hot spot] not real estate, the most profitable industry in 2015 turned out to be...

l 30th,
the A-share listed company's annual report has ended,
A statistics show that,
at present,
the two cities,
a total of 2843 companies announced the 2015 annual report.
A stock market in the end what industries most profitable? Which industries have the largest number of losses? Over 80% listed companies last year to achieve profitability,
as of April 30th,
A shares listed company annual report has ended,
Wan information statistics show that the current two cities,
a total of 2843 companies announced the 2015 annual report.
Among them,
2483 companies achieved profitability last year,
accounting for 87.
3%; loss of 360 companies,
accounting for only 12.
Many companies have achieved substantial growth in performance through mergers,
restructuring and other means.
In addition,

[recommended] he used a brush to paint the magic realism of Chinese expression

ent times,
painting has always been one of the art tools that people use to record history.
And the specific figure painting,
select what kind of characters,
how to use the performance,
not only reflects the style of an era,
but also perceived as a painter's own outlook on history and values.
From this point of view,
Zhang Chenchu's news oil painting collection time shadow: China role is called a deep Internet gene contemporary Chinese visual record.
/ as an artist,
so high frequency involvement in news events,
Zhang Chenchu was the first person.
The new weekly issued by the new art figures award to him in 2014 had commented: he is a pioneer in Chinese news painting,
the record China faces as the mission,
he used the definition of Chinese face brush.
His face printed on the sta

Most can not stand the dog's eyes is almost everything

e of such a look I want to shoveled shit for a lifetime if the above change husky gives people do not feel like the outdoor play,
on-site service,
genuine mall WeChat ID:lechong-006 according to the two-dimensional code will immediately join lechong

I only ordered a rain. What was the gust 8?

(2) onwards,
the northeast region ushered in the strongest rainfall this year,
originally thought to be scheduled for the arrival of spring rain,
today opened the gift,
was shocked! The wind 5-7,
gust 8 God is sent to the wrong? Can I return it now? Today,
the cold air affected Liaoning,
the Middle East,
the Middle East,
Southeast Heilongjiang and other places there have been heavy rains,
in addition to heavy rainfall,
what else? Please look at the case of Northeast China 5-7 grade wind gust 8,
northern Bohai sea,
the Bohai Strait,
north of the Yellow Sea central area 9,
10 ~ 11 gust winds you think you in the wind is shen'er sauce,
sauce is shen'er! Girl is not in our own day,
thank you! Originally a soaking rain to relieve drought is excellent but the way you have to be careful wi

Why China alone is worried about devaluation?

the exchange market volatility so that many investors do not understand.
European Central Bank continued to introduce a relaxed stimulus policy,
the global focus of public opinion tends to worry about countries launched based on competitive devaluation of the currency war,
but the euro and the yen do not fall or rise.
The Fed started its ten - year hard - rate hike by the end of last year,
and the dollar has gone down this year.
It is easy to see that most developed economies,
such as the US and Europe,
have obvious devaluation preferences - they try to improve their trade conditions by stimulating their economic growth by lowering their domestic exchange rates.
Against such a background,
why is China alone worried about devaluation? The answer is simple,
worried about capital

China shopping market -- China has battled Russia Saudi oil to sell without considering the price

a contest of patience and perseverance.
As the world's largest importer of crude oil,
China has always been a battleground for oil producing countries.
Since the second half of 2014 began to decline in oil prices,
Saudi Arabia and Russia has been vying for market share and running Chinese.
with the emergence of local independent refinery factors,
the fighting between the two sides is escalating.
In recent years,
Russia has begun to tap the Chinese market.
Not only with PetroChina and other companies signed hundreds of millions of tons of oil,
large-scale construction of oil transmission pipelines.
With China's gradual liberalization of crude oil import quotas,
Russia has taken the lead in seizing the local independent refinery market.
Saudi Arabia has been China's largest energy sup

Comment on the great trial of the century 70 years ago; every Chinese must understand

he 70th anniversary anniversary of the trial of the Japanese Class-A war criminals by the Far East International Military tribunal.
70 years ago today,
the International Military Tribunal for the Far East opened a court session against the Japanese fascist,
known as the Tokyo trial.
In more than two years of trial,
more than a thousand witnesses listed the appalling crimes committed by Japan.
In the end,
25 defendants were found guilty,
and 7 class a war criminals,
including Tojo E,
were hanged.
Let's take a look at this section of each Chinese should understand the history of Tokyo trial let Japan can never deny and avoid history trial in Tokyo is the international community for morality and law and the Second World War Eastern battlefield summed up the result of the trial is an importan

Do you remember the sweet nothings that used to be intoxicating?

the man is passive or active to say a few words of love,
of course,
will say,
because the woman around her likes to hear.
when young,
never pay enough money,
the house is big enough,
the car is high enough,
the children are excellent,
not good.
In those days when love was full,
love was pure.
Do you still remember? But now,
the secular,
we always use secular standards to measure our life,
how long has not said I love you? Even if you are in the vast crowd,
but when the first time I met you,
you know,
you are my life only,
this is doomed fate,
since then,
to be entangled together with you.
One day apart seems like three years,
at that time,
there is always a variety of endless love,
with various phone.
Even if you just split up,
you want to hear your voice.
Our l

We all have our faults, so we forgive each other

lack of help each other a little; we all have weaknesses,
so each other a little; we all have advantages,
so appreciate each other a little; we are weak,
so encourage each other a little; we have difficulties,
so each other a little; we are confused,
so remind each other a point; we all have personalities,
so each other a little humility; we all have differences,
so accept each other a little; we are so sad,
comfort each other a little; we are so happy,
share with each other a little; because we go on a road.
END statement: emotional Twitter Life released the WeChat platform for the transmission of information,
listen to Qian Ming,
the statement,
the neutral,
accuracy and completeness of the contents do not provide any express or implied warranty,
the reader is for reference only,
in addit

Xiao Xiao Song Ode to Joy's kindness than Qiu Yingying's terrible stupid 10000 times

China visual magazine the most popular graphic,
click the title below the male blue visual attention in the legend of Virgo will cast the Ode to joy,
has attracted all the people to find fault.
The audience says,
whatever you do,
Virgo can't hide our eyes like Holmes.
The first is to look carefully to really notice the small size 5 US distress goof lift bag in the fan began to plot elder sister feet lens to sweep,
has run at the foot of the door goblins curved black heels photographed feet turn red also has many not Virgo can not bug you start is Dr.
Zhao light blue suit and white shirt + do not know when the tie on eating more bag napkins to private villa Wang Baichuan's clothes off through wear off,
along the way is very busy and no time to meet the singularity appeared inexplicable

How did you deal with Chu girls a long time ago?

ption number this to self hold small Gang: Code (luanma4),
men with not something to go there to see it,
it is a male hormone bursting subscription number.
(scan code can be directly used to have concern) although the Confucian ethics,
women have to comply with the constraints and so on,
the three obediences and the four virtues classe.
But in the occult is a lot,
especially ever-young,
Yin Yang recipe,
there is no use I do not know,
but the most important medicine introduction of these remedies must be Chu female.
Recipe: jujube jujube Yin Yin (also called global jujube) than boiling water,
soak the jujube,
it has a unique production process: the woman before bed dried enucleated red dates into the small garden,
the second day morning to date out,
this date has becom

This is your music festival ticket

small treasure released Henan Music Festival tickets list of winners! Congratulations to the above small partners,
everyone can get Henan excellent Music Festival tickets 2.
Please send your real name,
mobile phone number,
ID number and mailing address as soon as possible in order to arrange private letter to us as soon as possible,
the payment of prizes.
No feedback will be deemed to have been given up automatically before 18:00 May 4,
and your reply is expected.
That's all! Xiao Bao is going to listen to the music festival!

[recommended reading] don't let your parents become very cautious in front of you

:newsxinhua (Xinhua) author: when Han Lurong wrote this title,
my heart hurts.
This is to force us to admit that the shame owes parents? From the first day of the beginning of birth,
we are taught to care for the young,
so how could do such a thing.
We seem to remember,
when we put the bowl of vegetables carefully pick out,
always heard the same voice as mother lioness's roar at us shouted: teacher did not teach you not picky? You'll get sick if you don't eat green vegetables.
we simply ignore a pleading,
the whole bowl of vegetables in front of us,
such as the general commanded the soldiers said: you do not put these vegetables to eat today,
is not allowed to sleep.
But I do not know when to begin,
style gradually become so.
When we are away,
the parents will not be more than tw

A new generation of lacrosse and Zhou Guoping economic group master Pai thought what we know the world

rd philosophy seems to be synonymous with difficult,
difficult and daunting.
But I believe that everyone has thought about the ultimate proposition of philosophy,
that is,
the famous security three questions - who are you? Where are you from? What do you want? How do we think about yourself,
how to know the world,
and how to spend our life -- these propositions are philosophers for thousands of years of repeated discussions,
is also home to focus on the interpretation of Buddhism,
is real life can not be avoided.
This thought to invite Zhou Guoping and Ji Pai group master,
Zen philosopher and collision by way of unique,
help us from the height of philosophy and Buddhism do observation and thinking deep inside a.
In May 8th 14:00 Zhou Guoping,
economic group master came to the idea of int

Xi Jinping at the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection plenary session on what?

Xi Jinping,
general secretary of the CPC Central Committee,
President of the State Council and chairman of the Central Military Commission,
delivered an important speech at the Sixth Plenary Session of the eighteenth Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of china.
Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Zhancheng photo speech at the eighteenth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the sixth plenary meeting (January 12,
2016) Xi Jinping since 1993,
our Party General Secretary of the Central Commission for discipline inspection every year speech at the plenary session,
indicating that the Party Central Committee for clean government and Anti-corruption struggle and attach great importance to the firm determination.
This year,
my speech tim